and pull out the sheet music.  If only it was that easy, first you have to determine what you want to practice, second you have to find where to you put the score, third you have to track down who has it now.   Then there’s the last resort…just find something else to play.


Does this sound familiar?  Are you spending more time looking for sheet music than playing?  There is a better alternative to filing cabinets, sloppy envelope sleeves, and even the cardboard boxes that claim to make your library easier.  At least there has to be, RIGHT???


THERE IS…Oblique Filing Systems has been assisting everyone from individuals to large government agencies organize paper in a way that doesn’t require a PHD in rocket science to implement with everyone, and it actual works for a LONG TIME!  Just ask Dr. Joe Brashier of VSU, where they transformed their stacked filing cabinets to a vertical filing system that was not only safer and easier for everyone to use, but also allowed for the professor to peruse through his library for the next showstopper piece.


Organize your band library

You may be thinking like most, that this system is too expensive for your  budget.  That’s another area where Oblique Filing Systems can help.  They can develop a program that allows you to buy over time or all at once.  Also, their extensive dealer network across the United States and Canada leaves no stone that can’t be unturned and transformed. Give them a call and receive a quote for purchasing or for your records when the frustration level gets to the point that you have to do something.



So what are you going to do with the time you get back from not having to search for lost scores.  Will you spend more time teaching? Will you spend more time playing? OR will you sit back and enjoy your new music library?




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