Sheet Music in Wood Cabinets

So you have sheet music in wood cabinets that were provided to you by the school carpenter or better yet by a PTO member.  At least you don’t have file cabinets!!!  NOW what do you do…buy boxes to store the sheet music, well that takes up space if you don’t fill them up.  PLUS they only come in “standard” sizes.  When is the last time scores came in standard sizes?  Do the publishers even know what standard is any more?  There is also the option to just keep the sheet music in the envelopes saying a little pray that they will not tear and bend, but we all know…this will happen no matter how careful we are.

Sheet Music in Wood Cabinets
Wood shelving custom for store sheet music. Seen here with Music Boxes

There must be a better alternative, well of course there is, retro-fit the wood cabinet with Oblique Filing Systems sheet music storage system.

One sheet, two sheets, three sheets or more…this system protects the paper with acid free hanging folders as well as keeps them from slouching.  The magnified labels allows you to easily see each title while quickly finding what your looking for, and not to mention placing them back in the correct location for later retrieval.

Yes, you can waste your time replacing boxes over and over as they do not last, or you can rest assure that for many years to come – even after you have retired – on these hanging compartments will be there for all to enjoy. Thanks to you!


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