Wenger Music Library System…Making it better

Wenger Music Library System is structurally sound product, but it only comes with shelves.  The pull out library system definitely takes up less space than the old file cabinets by taking advantage of the unused vertical space.

BUT what about the protection and organization of the scores….

Oblique Filing Systems has been in the filing business for over 50 years and says there are at least 3 key factors to filing your sheet music.

  • LABELING: If you don’t label correctly you can’t find it and if you don’t have the correct labeling system you won’t be able to properly store your sheet music.
  • PROTECTION: Scores are not cheap and some publishers “love” their scores more than others so an acid free system that prevents your sheets from bending is crucial to the longevity of the paper.
  • EFFICIENCY: If it takes too long to find or replace your item then your system is failing you.

The more popular options to store music in the Wenger Library are…

  • Envelopes
  • Boxes
  • Magazine Box Holders
  • Nothing, just lay the scores on the shelf.

Though most of these are good ways to house and store your scores they are not the most efficient.  Oblique Filing Systems hanging ACID FREE compartments perfectly compliments the Wenger Music Library.  This system maximizes every inch of filing space while giving you the best way to find and replace your sheet music in the proper location.  Those that have transitioned from the music boxes find that they gain 30% MORE SPACE since the boxes store air when not filled to capacity, not to mention the benefit of sheets not slouching anymore in the box.  The V-Base design of the Oblique hanging compartments hung the pages so that they are kept straight and secure.

So now that you have the Wenger Music Library how are you going to store your collection of sheet music?  The popular way or go the route that enhances the pull out system.

Check out Oblique Filing Systems Wenger Retro-Fit Sample Kit and see for yourself what others have been raving about.




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