Custom Music Filing Cabinets

Custom music filing cabinets are generally made of wood either by the maintenance department or a loving parent that has the time and carpentry skills to make it look pleasing to the eye.  Even though these pieces of furniture are made with tender loving care they are generally made with only stationary shelves which can created unused space.

Custom wood cabinet for sheet music storage
Custom music filing cabinets for storing sheet music. Seen here with JW Pepper Boxes

Storing sheet music and even paper for that matter on a shelf has it challenges as paper is not rigid as we all know and with a wood shelf that is made with love there is not a “stopper” to keep the paper upright.  As you can see in this photo these wood cabinets have about 4 inches of “lost” space and because they are fixed wood shelves this “wasted air space” can’t be decreased.

New shelving can be expensive and then it’s hard to find “the right fit” for your sheet music.  That is where Oblique’s Sheet Music Storage retro-fit kit can help.  Simple provide the inside dimensions (left to right and up and down) of each level of shelving and viola!

What a major difference it makes not only in organization, but also in the space you gain!  In this scenario you can see how the boxes were taking up more space than the actual music along with looking a little distorted.  Now each score only requires the space of the material along with having a label that will never fall off, printed directly from the provided AZ PRINT software or even your current CHARM’s database.

Sheet Music Storage in a custom wood shelving system
OBLIQUE’s sheet music storage retro-fit kit installed in an existing wood shelving system.
Sheet Music Storage Oblique Filing Systems

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