Stacking File Cabinets

Imagine a filing cabinet stacked on top of another filing cabinet and multiple that by twenty.  Now imagine trying to locate a piece of music in this metal blunder.  Not only is this dangerous, BUT…filing just shouldn’t be this way.

Well this was the old way that Valdosta State University was filing their sheet music.  Of course they didn’t want to do it this way, but like everyone they had barriers. First one was the knowledge of another more efficient way, Second which is like most institutions at every level there is the financial aspect, and Third..there is the time. With everything else going on, when in the world would they find the time to transform the library.

On a trip to Mid-West Clinic Dr. Joe Brashier Band Director of VSU came across a booth in the exhibition hall that had all the answers! The representative was not pushy nor was he fast talking, he was just honest. He knew from years of experience that music teachers around the country were experiencing the same problem.  They have all these scores of music, and quickly running out of space.

After a showing of what the system could do and exchanging of contact information Dr. Brashier received a quote with a 3D drawing of how it would look. The music filing system was revolutionary as it took up less floor space and gave more space to expand the music library!   As for the price the safety aspect of not having stacked filing cabinets was worth it’s weight in gold, but also music filing worked with him.  Then there was the time issue as this had to be put together, but if you can play with Legos or Lincoln Logs you can install this system yourself.  Dr Brashier made the comments that “The system gave me MORE room than promised,” and “It was easier to install than was stated.”

Filing your sheet music can be a burden especially when you go to look for it and then it’s not where it’s suppose to be…EEEKKKK!!!  The labeling system that will never fall off and easy to print from an excel spreadsheet or even from your CHARMS database is what makes this sheet music storage system.  Perusing through your collection instead of digging for it is a much better way…at least that’s what Dr. Brashier and us at sheet music storage think.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Joe Brashier was not compensated for using his story.
This blog is to inform music teachers around the country that there is a better way to store sheet music whether your middle school or professor, band or choral there is a better more efficient way.


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