Sheet Music in Wood Cabinets

So you have sheet music in wood cabinets that were provided to you by the school carpenter or better yet by a PTO member.  At least you don’t have file cabinets!!!  NOW what do you do…buy boxes to store the sheet music, well that takes up space if you don’t fill them up.  PLUS they […]


Wenger Music Library System…Making it better

Wenger Music Library System is structurally sound product, but it only comes with shelves.  The pull out library system definitely takes up less space than the old file cabinets by taking advantage of the unused vertical space. BUT what about the protection and organization of the scores…. Oblique Filing Systems has been in the filing […]

Custom Music Filing Cabinets

Custom music filing cabinets are generally made of wood either by the maintenance department or a loving parent that has the time and carpentry skills to make it look pleasing to the eye.  Even though these pieces of furniture are made with tender loving care they are generally made with only stationary shelves which can […]

Stacking File Cabinets

Imagine a filing cabinet stacked on top of another filing cabinet and multiple that by twenty.  Now imagine trying to locate a piece of music in this metal blunder.  Not only is this dangerous, BUT…filing just shouldn’t be this way. Well this was the old way that Valdosta State University was filing their sheet music. […]

Hello world!

Sheet Music Storage blog exist because there is an alternative and better way to store your sheet music!  Filing cabinets of any type, boxes, and even wood shelves have been the only way to store a music library of any magnitude, until now. This blog will be about ideas that become reality, frustration turned into […]